Frax is capable of a huge variety of image styles. Here Kai has created a glimpse of what is possible…
All images were created in the app and rendered with the High Resolution Cloud Render option.

Click to reveal each in full screen detail - feel free to download and save your own copies!
View this page on your iPad or iPhone to load these images in Frax and interact with them live!

Tap to reveal each in full screen detail then tap the download link to load it into Frax and play with it live!

depthy drops lacquered

Classic Frax - glossy interlocking spirals, fat features descending to delicate details

fata_morgana basic_gloss pink_gloss

Branching spurs with valley upon valley

urchin blue_curly thick_waxy

Thick and thin surface textures can completely transform the shape

wavy_flow coneworms zebroid

Flowing folds and sweeping seams

blue_ink orange_utan crochet

It's not all about gloss and 3D texture

straight_edge bifurcations very_urchent

Mind boggling complexity and detail

metallic_sails glass_spiral rusty

Metal, glass or ceramic?

millipede_parade coralia facets

Bumps and lumps unlike anything else

duneworld spikesworld spikesworld_eye

A collection of curiosities

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