Frax Cloud is capable creating amazing 50 Mpx images (8192x6144 px) that show the fractal details in stunning clarity.
All images were created in the app and rendered with the Ultra Resolution Cloud Render option.

Click to pan and explore each in full screen detail - these images are large, a fast connection is recommended.
View this page on your iPad or iPhone to load these images in Frax and interact with them live!

Tap the thumbnail to load the image preset directly into Frax and play with it live!

udense2 udense3 udense1

Fields of dense details

ugloss1 ugloss2 ugloss3

Glossy folds and ripples

umm1 umm2 umm3

Mini Mandelbrots

utex1 utex2 utex3

Textures and surfaces

ubw1 ubw2 ubw3

Multitude of monotones

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