Frax Pro

Watch Frax in action

This is an in-app-purchase that unlocks a wealth of new features and content for Frax on both the iPhone and iPad! Watch the animation below and then see the Pro User Guide to get an idea of the depth you can take Frax to!

Why Frax Pro?
more Control more Parameters more Gestures more Locations more Shapes more Colors more Presets more Information more Resolution more Cloud more Surprises
More Control Intuitive control of 90+ parameters! Real time control without
obscuring the image
So far you explored,
now you can design!
More Parameters Up to now, you were using a few
gestures to change color stuff
In Pro you get controls to change
the saturation and the hue, or
lightness, contrast, blur…
…pick gradients with a visual preview or
for the lights their brightness, shininess,
twist, shape or for textures their twist,
ripple, swirl, rake or blend…
More Gestures You had Gestures in each
of the four main modes.
In Pro you get 12 new ones! Along the top, left and right
edge of the screen there is
an invisible "Edge Slider"
They change the most useful
things live in realtime, parallel
to the other gestures!
More Locations In Pro there are 360 presets of
tuned locations, more than
twice as many as before!
Deep fields, MiniMandels with
nested Julias, close ups of special
spirals and wonderfully odd shapes
More Shapes The Shape mode lets you
create entirely new forms
Zoom in deep to find
wonderful new shapes
More Colors In Pro there are 256 gradients,
twice as many, with live preview
You have exact control of shadow
brightness, blur and contrast,
saturation, loop and inverters
More Presets Currently you have 42 factory presets In Pro you get 150 more, each carefully tuned,
many with unusual animation effects!
Pro users can also explore many
more presets from the Frax Cloud
More Information In Pro you get over 250 screens of advanced
technical descriptions, tips and tricks, as
well as 100 illustrated examples!
Get into the deeper ideas of how & why…
More Resolution Frax Cloud users can
render 12 Mpx images
But Pro users unlock an
exclusive IAP: UltraFrax…
Huge 50 Mpx (8192 by 6144 px) poster
print size, super high quality renders!
50 Mpx
12 Mpx
More Cloud In Pro share your presets in the
Frax Cloud and website gallery
Load presets from the cloud or
merge specific properties
Have your own gallery on the website
More Surprises There are surprises everywhere
once you are using Frax Pro
Shuffle has so many more 'gene' combinations
that amazing new images are possible
And more is coming!

When you are ready to take Frax to the next level tap the Frax logo from within the app and select Upgrade to Frax Pro.