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Watch Frax in action

A few things people have said about the app…

This app is so beautiful it makes me want to weep”

Stephen Fry

Frax is exquisite — a work of artistic inspiration fuelled by scientific and mathematical obsession.”

Macworld US Review: 4½ mice - Read…

A seriously cool graphics toy and perhaps the single most impressive bit of graphics code we’ve yet seen on iOS”

MacLife Review: 4½ stars - Read…

…unlike any other app - From math complexity to elegance of interface:
Unprecedented in its form, content and feel…
A ‘Thing of Beauty’ and an absolute Must-See!”

InfoGraphics Magazine

C'est superbe. What a wonderful tool and so fast… on a phone!?”

Benoit Mandelbrot (seeing an early test of Frax at TED 2010)

Easily the most gorgeous app ever to grace iOS!
It made me all teary-eyed just looking at it, so smooth, so beautiful, so fast. It’s the mathematical fabric of the universe coming alive before your very eyes. :) It is going to be a phenomenal educational tool, beyond its obvious artistic value. I totally love it!”

Andrea Pessino (Ready at Dawn Inc)